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John Carter (2012) Movie Download
John Carter (2012) movie poster download
Name:John Carter (2012)
Starring:Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton
Directed:Andrew Stanton
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Synopsis    :   John Carter, A Civil War Veteran, Who In 1868 Was Trying To Live A Normal Life, Is "asked" By The Army To Join, But He Refuses So He Is Locked Up. He Escapes, And Is Pursued. Eventually They Run Into Some Indians, And There's A Gunfight. Carter Seeks Refuge In A Cave. While There, He Encounters Someone Who Is Holding Some Kind Of Medallion. When Carter Touches It, He Finds Himself In A Place Where He Can Leap Incredible Heights, Among Other Things. He Later Encounters Beings He Has Never Seen Before. He Meets A Woman Who Helps Him To Discover That He Is On Mars, And He Learns There's Some Kind Of Unrest Going On.
John Carter (2012)
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